Seed color sorter adopt international top CCD sensors, the LED light without shadow type, image collection and processing system is used to feed the seeds of real-time monitoring, through the comparison with data of stored seed samples color, can detect very small color difference, and effectively color choose remove the anxious burnt in the seed bead, big black pieces, different color, and other bad seeds.

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1.头图-1-藜麦色选机 1.头图-2-藜麦色选机 3.分选解决方案-1-藜麦色选机 4.核心技术-1-藜麦色选机 4.核心技术-2-藜麦色选机 5.分应用场景-1-藜麦色选机 6.免费试机-1-藜麦色选机 6.免费试机-2-藜麦色选机 7.企业实力-1-藜麦色选机 8.合作伙伴-1-藜麦色选机 9.机器参数-1-藜麦色选机 9.机器参数-2-藜麦色选机 9.机器参数-4-藜麦色选机 9.机器参数-3-藜麦色选机 10.售后服务-1-藜麦色选机


0.首图 10
单通道履带机 6SXZ 68L 产量300 600kg
Rice color sorter

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