What are the tips for buying garlic color sorters?

After investigation, there are more and more color sorters used by processors in the market, and their styles are all kinds of different types. So how do you choose for the garlic color sorter? What are the tips?

When purchasing the color sorter, tell the manufacturer the selected materials and output, so that the manufacturer can recommend the appropriate machine according to your requirements, and then make a choice.

At the same time, the color selection effect should also be considered. The factors affecting the color selection effect are: camera resolution, camera resolution color difference capability, feeding system, nozzle performance and software.

Mosen photoelectric color sorting machine manufacturer, its new intelligent color CCD color sorting machine developed by the company, using the international top industrial custom professional CCD sensor, the industry's only leading high-definition billions of pixels, is the best choice, not only to ensure color selection The output can also effectively control the selection rate of color selection;

It is very important to buy a garlic color sorter to solve the problem. It is recommended to use a track color sorter to reduce the breakage rate.

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