From the professional point of view, how much is the rice color sorting machine?

Many color sorting machine manufacturers will face a problem when purchasing color sorting machines: good color sorting machines are expensive, cheap color sorting machines can not meet the requirements, and the budget is not enough, very distressed! I have not found an answer to meet my requirements on the Internet. Today, Zhongrui Microvision color sorter manufacturers can help you solve this dilemma.

The times are changing, we need to keep up with the pace of the times, the past thinking needs to be abandoned; this era is not money is not good, but the way you make money has changed. When others use the color sorter to select materials, you are still using manual screening, which is already behind. When you insist that you need to use the color sorter, let's talk about the price of the sorter.

Color separator price factors:

1. How much is the budget?

The amount of money determines the level of configuration to a certain extent, but to purchase the most suitable machine within a limited budget, the highest cost performance and resource allocation are optimized.

2. Determine the required color sorter model according to the company's scale and output.

Under normal circumstances, the larger the output, the more expensive the price. Some machine performance only pursues the output, ignoring the selection rate. Some industries have high requirements on the selection rate. For example, in the plastics industry, if the production is blindly pursued, the selection is neglected. The rate is ultimately not worth the candle.

3. What is important is service

How much is the color sorting machine, the most important is the quality and service, Zhongrui Microvision mainly plays the small rice color sorting machine, and promises: one year warranty, lifetime maintenance; 7*24 hour hotline, 6 hours quick response; national after-sales Service personnel station maintenance; help customers become bigger and stronger.

How much is the rice color selection machine? Zhongrui Microvision has designed a total of six models according to the customer's processing output in the research of rice color sorting machine: small rice color sorting machine, dual channel rice color sorting machine, four channels There are six models of the rice color sorting machine, the six-channel rice color sorting machine, the nine-channel rice color sorting machine, and the ten-channel rice color sorting machine. The more the number of channels of the equipment, the larger the corresponding processing capacity. Prices are also different at the same time. For the specific rice color sorting machine, you can consult the color sorting machine manufacturer. The manufacturer's price will be more accurate and preferential.

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