Factors Affecting Color Selection of Rice Color Sorting Machine

The use of the rice color sorting machine in the use process, in addition to considering the color sorting machine itself, the effect of the color selection process is also affected by many other factors, such as the amount of rice contained, the color of the rice, the temperature of the raw rice. And the quality of the gas source.

Factors Affecting Color Selection of Rice Color Sorting Machine

(1) The content of heterochromatic grains of raw rice. Generally, the content of the heterochromatic particles of the raw rice does not exceed the calibration range of the color sorter, and the color selection accuracy, the take-out ratio and the yield can all meet the standard. When the content of the heterochromatic particles exceeds the normal range, to ensure a certain color selection accuracy and take-up ratio, the production must be reduced, so that the unit processing cost is greatly increased; conversely, to meet the production requirements, the color selection accuracy is necessarily reduced. The ratio will increase, which will affect the quality of finished products and the rate of rice.

(2) The amount of raw material rice. When the raw material rice contains more strontium, in the case of suitable moisture and temperature, after a period of time, the channel of the color sorting machine is prone to scale, which affects the flow of the rice grain. In addition, the dust concentration in the sorting room is too high, which will affect the recognition ability of the electric eye and the operation of the injection valve, thereby reducing the color selection accuracy. Therefore, it is required that the surface of the rice entering the color sorting machine is smooth, contains less, and has good fluidity.

(3) Quality of gas source. The color sorter sorting device uses high-pressure air to blow the heterochromatic rice grains out of the normal orbit. The quality of the high pressure air will affect the accuracy and take-up ratio of the color sorter. The gas source requires no oil, no water, no dust, dry and stable pressure. Otherwise, it is easy to block the gas path and the injection valve, affecting the sensitivity of the injection valve and easily damaging the nozzle.

(4) The temperature of the raw rice. After multi-machine whitening and polishing, the rice is higher than the normal rice temperature. If it enters the color sorting machine immediately, it will easily adhere the surface of the rice to the surface of the channel, affecting the normal flow of rice and reducing the color selection. effect.

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